Take a Seat Series / All-Around and Well-Resourceful Furniture Set

Using Lee Sun-Don’s artwork "Take a Seat – All-Around and Well-Resourceful” as the blueprint, using rosewood and ancient Chinese method to build the furniture without use of nails. Adhering to the respect of nature and the environment, the furniture is painted with natural environmental friendly paint.

All-Around and Well-Resourceful refers to the state of perfection. Totem designs are carved directly through the table top and the backs of chair symbolizing longevity, wealth, career, and honor in a style of magnificence and ancient simplicity. 

Rosewood’s delicate texture is made up of pastel yellow and dark brown markings contrasts exuding elegant and composed patterns, which fully presents the natural beauty of the wood. 
Continuing the essence of traditional techniques, the handcrafted furniture uses ancient techniques of complex and ingenious tenon-mortise structures which has precisely fastened joints. This durable furniture will be a heirloom keepsake.

Material: Rosewood
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