Take a Seat Series / Unison of the Couple in Love Furniture Set

Miyoshiro Cedar, an ancient tree that was recently awakened from thousands of years of deep sleep. This cedar can be buried for a millennium without decomposing. The grains are are perfectly intact with no blemishes. Because of it’s fine texture and grain, Miyoshiro Cedar is strong, durable and extremely precious with subtle and elegant coloring.

Using Lee Sun-Don’s artwork "Take a Seat – Unison of the Couple in Love” as the blueprint, using Miyoshiro cedar and ancient Chinese method to build the furniture without use of nails. Adhering to the respect of nature and the environment, the furniture is painted with natural environmental friendly paint.
The magnanimous and concise style contains delicate & elegant craftsmanship, displays smooth, graceful lines, and manifests solid and all-embracing depth. Imagine a few friends gather to drink tea, read, meditate on thick cushions on the warm and solid, yet not to hard wood, transporting you to ancient times of Chinese history! 

Material: ​Miyoshiro cedar
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