Aug 2016
Cindy Thornton's Dreamers art charity exhibit at X-Power Gallery was a great success!
Cindy Thornton's Dreamers art charity exhibit at X-Power Gallery was a great success!

Compassion and loved filled the air at X-Power Gallery in Beverly Hills on Sunday August 3rd, as art lovers gathered together to raise funds to donate the art of Cindy Thornton to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Peter Drivas, Founder of Los Angeles Arts Alliance lets the guests know how many children’s lives will be inspired through Cindy Thornton’s healing artworks.


Peter Drivas, founder of the Los Angeles Arts Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering children through art and art education, sought out GP DEVA X-Power Gallery to host a wonderful afternoon that combined charity and art. Moved by the beautiful art by Cindy Thornton, collectors opened their hearts so that the children and their families will be able to enjoy the healing paintings at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

Artist Cindy Thornton


Artist Cindy Thornton gave a heart-felt presentation about her life and the inspirations that lead her to her own dreams of becoming an artist. Growing up in Cape Canaveral, Florida, Cindy grew up watching the rocket launches into space. These experiences are embodied her artwork which can be seen through her fantastic imagery of skies, stars, moons and rockets. Her current series Dreamers, touches the hearts of the young and old, and give people the inspiration to always remain dreamers!

Jan Saiget, the Assistant Vice President of the Foundation Department of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is overwhelmed with gratitude for the outpouring of support shown by guests of X-Power Gallery.Through ticket donations and compassionate contributions, X-Power Gallery was able to donate four paintings to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


Cindy Thornton’s artwork touched the hearts of all the guests, and each collector felt a deep connection to the paintings they purchased. Days after, X-Power Gallery continued to receive feedback from guests about how wonderful the event was.

“Wow, what a magical event! It was honorable, natural, one big hug around to everyone there.”


“Show was amazing! Wow and congrats….loved Cindy’s inspirational story!”


“I was so moved from the artwork, the cause, and the great energy of the entire event. Thank you X-Power Gallery for hosting such an incredible afternoon!”


“Because of your vision and willingness "to go for it" so many children and their families will be inspired to dream for so long to come.....”

Each collector found the painting that matched them perfectly and was deeply moved by Cindy’s artwork.

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