Dec 2017
Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell! Hop on Santa’s sleigh~ GP DEVA Toy Drive on its way to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles!
Jingle Bell! Jingle Bell! Hop on Santa’s sleigh~ GP DEVA Toy Drive on its way to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles!

After a month of collecting, GP DEVA Beverly Hills staff happily packed up the toys from the Toy Drive under the small Christmas trees and sent them on their way to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ giant tree in the courtyard. The love and compassion from the donors also went along with the toys to accompany the children in the hospital, hope to provide slight comfort during any treatments. 

The toys are loaded onto the sleigh on their way to CHLA!

CHLA’s representative, Jan Seiget, was waiting at the front door, leading GP DEVA representative and LAAA’s Peter Drivas to the courtyard inside the hospital.

The entire courtyard was decorated with toys and poinsettia, full of Christmas spirit and a giant Christmas tree in the center.

An anonymous kind couple donates the giant Christmas tree to the hospital every year. It has become the symbolic figure of Christmas, a perfect place for us to take a photo to remember this moment and humbly to receive Certificate of Appreciation from CHLA. 

From left to right: LAAA’s Peter Drivas, CHLA’s Jan Seiget, GP DEVA Representatives

The hallway outside of the emergency room at CHLA

After the group photo, Jan Seiget led us inside the hospital to visit the hallway where the paintings donated by LAAA and GP DEVA were exhibited. In 2016, GP DEVA hosted a charity art opening titled “Dreamers” with LAAA, fundraising donations and artwork for CHLA. Five paintings by Artist Cindy Thornton were donated. Seeing the paintings beautifully displayed on the hospital walls, and the hopes that the artwork would bring courage and dreams to the children and their families, Peter was so touched.

​In the last two years, GP DEVA staff, Rachael Hsin, had been the pivotal person who contributed to this project with CHLA. She unfortunately left us to heaven a week ago. Peter was saddened that Rachael could not witness the effort she helped realized. 

Certificate of Appreciation from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles to GP DEVA Rachael Hsin for the excellent work she had contributed to CHLA.


The true meaning of Christmas


The origin of Christmas presents came from the charitable St. Nicholas, who was the prototype figure of Santa Claus. In the 4th century AD, when this rich orphan grew up, he donated all his wealth to the poor. He sometimes would quietly throw gold coins from the chimneys; sometimes he would place gifts by them when they fell asleep. Even after he became a bishop, St. Nicolas continued to dedicate his life to help people.


During this Christmas season, while you are with family and friends, GP DEVA encourages you to consider doing charitable work, sending love and help to the ones in need – to pass on the true meaning of Christmas.

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