May 2012


Southbay HOME 2012 volume 1
Southbay HOME 2012 volume 1
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Southbay HOME 2012

GP DEVA “Take a Seat” Furniture Series
Using Venice Biennale Artist Professor Lee Sun-Don’s oil painting “Take a Seat” series as its artistic conception, the furniture of this series integrates Chinese culture with contemporary art, and goes beyond traditional furniture design.
This furniture is purely hand crafted from century-old rosewood using ancient techniques. It is absolutely proportioned at 1:1 ratio to the original painting from which the design was inspired.

The magnificent artistic performance of the beautiful and talented MA SING LING Trio.

Form of Unity / Energy Soaring across All Directions   Ma Sing Ling   Oil on Canvas  200×100cm   2011    Selected to Art #1 Taipei 2012 Spring Auction

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