Aug 2018

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Collage Your Passion into Everyday Art ~
Art & Exhibition Info
Collage Your Passion into Everyday Art ~
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Artist Hayato Takano hosted a collage art workshop at GP DEVA on Sunday, August 26.
Love for Music + Passion for Art
Hayato Takano, a Los Angeles based artist and musician, has combined his love for music and his passion for art into one – collage art using sheet music. He is the first collage artist in the world using sheet music to create collage art. The motivation for creating such artwork came from when he was a poor college student wanting to gift his girlfriend then, now wife, a special present. He used sheet music from heavy metal music that she loved and created her portrait. And that was 15 years ago. Hayato then began to create as a professional artist around six years ago. Since then, he has won the Art Revolution Taipei Chairman Award in 2017 and Giulio Ceasare Award in 2018 and was just featured in “International Contemporary Masters Xll.” He has been exhibiting in Los Angeles, Taipei, and is invited for an exhibition in Italy this coming November.

Collage using….
During his presentation, Hayato also shared other collage artists such as Derek Gores and Janet Black who create complete different style of work but are also perfect examples that you can use any materials to create your own collage. 

Hayato went around the room to demonstrate his technique and facilitate everyone.
Glue, tweezer, cardboard, magazines, adding little of imagination….
Ripping pages and images from a magazine may sound like an arts and craft class. Actually using the ripped pieces to compose an art is really MUCH harder than it seems. Trust me, many just had tried it this past Sunday! We had all the tools ready and our guests came with no expectation of the outcome but all walked away with a sense of pride and accomplishment.
For a while, the gallery was silent as everyone was concentrating on finding the right piece for their collage.
There is an artist inside each and every one of us.
For this past Sunday, there was a pre-determined theme – “puppy” a very happy one to be exact. There were a few who decided to choose their own topics. Very interestingly, with the same tools but everyone chose very different color schemes, very different patterns to finish the same “puppy.” Hayato stressed that there is no set rule when it comes to collage. There is an artist inside each and every one of us. Just follow your inspirations and let your creativity take the lead.

Hayato passed around an abstract collage made by fellow artist, Mr. Richard Stephens.
GP DEVA – A platform for artists & collectors to meet and gather
As the largest sponsor of Art Revolution Taipei, GP DEVA stands and believes that artists should be in the center stage in every art fair. Mr. Hayato Takano was selected to attend Art Revolution Taipei for the first time last year and took home with The Chairman Award with his music note composed Lugwig. From Taipei to now in Beverly Hills, GP DEVA continues to serve as a platform for artists and collectors to meet and gather.
Ms. Sheryl Nakano elected to make a collage of a meditating Buddha.
Dr. Huy Hoang raced to be the first to finish his collage.
Dr. Huy Hoang raced to be the first to finish his collage.

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